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Perfectly Imperfect

Hi I'm Charmane. :) My friends call me Charmane, Cha, Char, CJ, etc. But I'm fondly called Charisse by my family. I study in Miriam College taking up Business Administration Major in E-Business.

I love watching tv. I can watch tv the whole day. :D Cartoons is what I usually watch or reality shows and sometimes series of anything interesting to me.

In my spare time, I play badminton whenever someone asks me. I really love this sport but didn't get to play as much now. :/

I'm also talented in surfing the net. I mean seriously, I learn how to hack and staff by just google-ing things! But sometimes I get tired and bored doing it all the time. Reading books or magazines is another thing I do for fun.

Okay enough of this. Haha. One last thing, I love pictures! ;)



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